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CoinJoss ITO: Upcoming ITO Deployment

Incentivised Token Offering, CoinJoss Initiative, Upcoming

The ITO Network is pleased to announce a new blockchain initiative approved to begin crowdfunding their ongoing development by deploying an Incentivised Token Offering...CoinJoss is an established Hybrid & OTC (Over-the-Counter) Exchange based in Indonesia that offers the best of both trading environments, control over assets and high-throughput trading.

Coinjoss is a digital asset trading platform that allows its users to trade, pay for goods or services and participate in projects within the Coinjoss ecosystem. The platform is a hybrid exchange, which provides users with security via custody of their own assets while they are not actively being traded, but also the speed and performance of a centralized trading engine. Each coin, exchange, and platform requires its own password or private key, creating a series of walled-garden systems. CoinJoss facilitates multiple-asset support, easy onboarding, and a place to exchange these assets for real-world goods and services – without the pitfalls of centralization.

The CoinJoss ITO is expected to be available to the Visionary community on the 5th of September, 2020 and to the available to the public community on the 12th of September, 2020. View more infromation about the CoinJoss ITO in the View ITOs section of the initiative hub.

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Swapsy ITO: Upcoming ITO Deployment

Incentivised Token Offering, Swapsy Initiative, Upcoming

The ITO Network is pleased to announce a new blockchain initiative approved to begin crowdfunding their ongoing development by deploying an Incentivised Token Offering...Swapsy is well underway with building a Decentralised & Peer-to-Peer ERC-20 Swapping Smart-Contract as an alternative to custodian services and centralised exchanges. The project is lead by Coinmagic who has been developing the Swapsy initiative since its inception in 2018 and has been a supporter of the ITO Network since its public inception in 2019. A brief description of the Swapsy Initiative is detailed below: is a decentralised & non-custodial ERC-20 Smart-Contract built on Ethereum that allows traders to make or take peer-to-peer ERC-20 token swaps. All transactions are initiated from the traders metamask or supported ERC-20 wallet and are autonomously executed when matched by the Swapsy smart-contract. All users are in complete control of their assets by connecting with their MetaMask or supported ERC-20 token wallets. Swapsy is aiming to raise development resources to begin v2.0 development, establish the brand and deploy a apple+android supported app.

The Swapsy ITO is expected to be available to the Visionary community on the 5th of September, 2020 and to the available to the public community on the 12th of September, 2020. View more infromation about the Swapsy ITO in the View ITOs section of the initiative hub.

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Diced ITO: Upcoming ITO Deployment

Incentivised Token Offering, Diced Initiative, Upcoming

The ITO Network is pleased to announce a new blockchain initiative approved to begin crowdfunding their ongoing development by deploying an Incentivised Token Offering...Diced proposes to build a new cryptocurrency gaming platform offering remade classics and a crowdfunded bankroll. The project is lead by Tess who has been developing the concept since its inception in 2016. A brief description of the Diced Initiative is detailed below: plans to open the first cryptocurrency casino that features a 100% crowdfunded bankroll and cutting-edge blockchain gaming technology. Diced plans to disrupt the gaming industry with a competitive & variable house-edge, transparent provably fair result formulation using smart-contract technology, instantaneous betting and advanced game reporting for the strategic and superstitious gamers.

The Diced ITO is expected to be released during Q3 2020.

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LiquidMarketCap ITO: Upcoming ITO Deployment

Incentivised Token Offering, LiquidMarketCap Initiative, Upcoming

The ITO Network is pleased to announce a new blockchain initiative approved to begin crowdfunding their ongoing development by deploying an Incentivised Token Offering...LiquidMarketCap proposes to build an open liquidity-based cryptocurrency & token index available for all initiatives. The project is lead by Rodger, an ITO Network leader, who has been apart of the ITO Network initiative since its public establishment in 2019. A brief description of the LiquidMarketCap Initiative is detailed below:

LiquidMarketCap is an open-source project created by the ITO Network aiming to create the first realtime liquidity-based digital asset tracking service using open-source webnodes . Users will be able to easily track cryptocurrency and token order books in real time to determine the confidence and stability of their future/existing investments, the statistics of all incentivised token offerings and create their own compliant network to reliability transparency of the provided data.

The LiquidMarketCap ITO is expected to be released during Q3 2020.

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vBolt ITO: Upcoming ITO Deployment

Incentivised Token Offering, vBolt Initiative, Upcoming

The ITO Network is pleased to announce a new blockchain initiative approved to begin crowdfunding their ongoing development by deploying an Incentivised Token Offering...The vBolt Decentralized Exchange proposes to build an anonymous & high-throughput decentralized exchange that is available to traders around the globe. The project is lead by an ITO Network leader, @realmcrypto, who became a partner of the ITO Network initiative in August of 2019. A brief description of the vBolt Initiative is detailed below:

The vBolt exchange is planned to be one of the most advanced, responsive and secure decentralised exchanges that will be available to users around the globe. vBolt will offer industry-grade trading facilities that will allow users to execute hundreds of trades per second between a wide variety of cryptocurrency and token pairs while enjoying the comfort of no trading, withdrawal, or deposit limitations, and most importantly, no private or personal information required at any stage.

The vBolt ITO is expected to be released during Q3 2020.

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SuperAUD ITO: Tokenisation

Incentivised Token Offering, SuperAUD Initiative, Tokenisation

The SuperAUD Initiative's Incentivised Token Offering has exhasuted the reward cap of 58%, signifying the tokenisation of remaining rewards to ITO Utility Tokens [IUT] which took place on the 15th of July, 2020, tokenised participants will be able to continue claiming rewards in the form of ITO Utility Tokens [IUT] until then end of the ITO when all rewards have been claimed.

Below is a tutorial on how to access, send and trade ITO Utility Tokens [IUT]
The following text guide will be annotated following tokenisation and translated on the 16th of July. A video guide will also be posted in the coming week.

Important Note!
Before claiming your ITO Utility Tokens [IUT] please ensure that you can access your keystore wallet and that it matches the address when claiming your tokenised accumulations. If you can not access it or the address does not match, reset the file and it will allow you to choose a new password for a newly generated wallet. This step is important as lost IUT are not recoverable due to the decentralised & encrypted security mechanisms of the keystore technology.

Accessing your keystore wallet containing your ITO Utility Tokens [IUT].

1. Go to Account > Keystore Menu, and download the keystore file which contains your ITO Utility Tokens [IUT].
2. Visit and select "Access Wallet".
3. Select the "Software" option and import the downloaded .json file from the ITO, it will ask you to decrypt your wallet with your password.
Note: Your password is the same password as your superaud account, or the one you have chosen if you have reset your keystore file before.
4. Once you have decrypted your wallet, add the ITO Utility Token [IUT] by clicking "+Custom Token" and entering the following information:
Contract address: 0xD36a0e7b741542208aE0fBb35453C893D0136625
Decimals: 0
Symbol: IUT
The ITO Utility Tokens [IUT] should appear once you add the token, if not, click the refresh button.
Note: You must have claimed your accumulations to this wallet in order for them to appear in your wallet.

Sending ITO Utility Tokens [IUT] to the Crex24 exchange:

1. Register an account on the exchange.
2. Navigate to the "Account" section and search "IUT"
3. Click the "deposit" icon for ITO Utility Token [IUT].
4. Copy the address (starting with 0x) and navigate back to MyEtherWallet.
5. Go to "Send Transaction" and use the following information to send your transaction.
Address: The address copied from Crex24
Type: IUT
Amount: The amount you wish to send
6. Click send transaction.
Note: We recommend leaving the tokens in your myetherwallet or sending them to a new myetherwallet if you wish to store them for a longer period of time.

Trading ITO Utility Tokens [IUT] to BTC or USD on the Crex24 exchange:

1. Go to the IUT/BTC Market, or if you would like to trade to Perfect Money, you can do so on the IUT/USD market
2. Create a sell order. The price that you sell your IUT for will determine the remaining accumulation of your pledge
Pledge-back prices:
- Participants: 90 Satoshi (0.00000090 BTC)
- VIP Participants: 75 Satoshi (0.00000075 BTC)
Any amount above these sell order prices result in positive ROI on the tokenised accumulations from the SuperAUD ITO. If you would like to liquidate as soon as possible, there are always buyers for discounted prices.
3. Once your ITO Utility Tokens have been sold, you can withdraw the currency directly from the crex24 exchange to your wallet in the "Account" section.

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SuperAUD ITO: ITO Protocol v3.0 Interface Integrated

Incentivised Token Offering, SuperAUD Initiative, ITO Protocol v3.0 Interface

The ITO Network and SuperAUD teams have been hard at work to integrate the latest Incentivised Token Offering experience for SuperAUD Project supporters after going into maintenance from June 28 to integrate the ITO Protocol v3.0 interface. As of July 7, we were pleased to announce that the SuperAUD Initiative continued crowdfunding with the new interface and have so far we have received very positive feedback from participants. If you need assistance at any time with the new interface, we welcome the use of our Team Chat found in the bottom right corner of the ITO.

Thank you to the extended community for the ongoing enthusiasm and patience during the interation.

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SuperAUD ITO: Interface Integration Maintenance

Incentivised Token Offering, SuperAUD Initiative, Maintenance

The SuperAUD ITO will go into maintenance between June 27 and July 7 while the ITO Protocol v3.0 interface is integrated. The interface will feature advanced public ITO metrics, greatly improved mobile useability and improved information presentation. Pledges, rewards and networking will continue normally once the update is complete.

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SuperAUD ITO: Crowdfunding & Initiative Update (#2)

Incentivised Token Offering, SuperAUD Initiative, Update

The SuperAUD Initiative's Incentivised Token Offering has grown exponentially since its release in May 2020, now standing at over 27.4BTC ($256,000 USD) pledged and over 4BTC secured for the SuperBridge HEX & SuperAUD Token.

We have been working closely with the ITO Network team to make researching information about the project and participating in the ITO even easier by deploying the SuperAUD Initiative Home. Following this change, we are pleased to announce that the SuperAUD ITO will integrate the new ITO Protocol v3.0 interface in the coming weeks! We are now finalising the establishment of the SuperAUD Project brand and preparing disclosure of project information to our community and the broader market.

Thank you for supporting the ITO Network and SuperAUD Initiative in the endeavour to improve the decentralised finance (DeFi) space.

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SuperAUD ITO: Crowdfunding & Initiative Update

Incentivised Token Offering, SuperAUD Initiative, Update

The SuperAUD Initiative's Incentivised Token Offering has progressed impressively over the last 40 days of crowdfunding, totalling over 15BTC of cryptocurrency pledged by participants towards the development of the SuperBridge HEX & SuperAUD Token.

Alongside the crowdfunding achievement, the ITO Network & SuperAUD Initiative teams have released a video presentation for the SuperAUD Initiative's Incentivised Token Offering. Potential and existing supporters can use the presentation to grasp the Incentivised Token Offering model and the SuperAUD Initiative's proposed developments.

In the next week we will be unveiling the initiative home, which will allow supporters to learn more about the SuperBridge HEX & SuperAUD Token concept and track the progress of the ITO in real-time.

Thank you for supporting the ITO Network and SuperAUD Project in the endeavour to enter the decentralised finance (DeFi) space.

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Current development & network focuses.

Development, Focuses

The ITO Network has prioritised the following development focuses, set to begin in Q3 2020:
- Completion of the ITO Network Initiative Hub.
- Deploy a stable version of the ITO Protocol v3.0.
- Solidify partnerships to deploy at least 5 Incentivised Token Offerings.
- Succesfully complete the SuperAUD Initiative's ITO.
- Publish the ITO Network whitepaper and revised roadmap.

We will continue updating the visionary community with the latest news as it comes, and release announcements to the public community as our accomplishments are met.

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SuperAUD ITO: Public crowdfunding underway!

Incentivised Token Offering, SuperAUD Initiative, Public Crowdfunding

The SuperAUD Initiative's Incentivised Token Offering has now entered the public crowdfunding phase.

The crowdfunding stage has been opened to the general public after ITO Network Visionary members enjoyed exclusive access to the SuperAUD ITO for almost a month. For those who are new to the Incentivised Token Offering concept, reading the ITO Guidelines will greatly increase understanding of the model in order to make the most of your ITO experience. If you need assistance at any time, we welcome you to visit our help desk found in the bottom right corner of the platform.

Thank you for supporting the ITO Network and SuperAUD Project in the endeavour to improve the decentralised finance (DeFi) space.

ITO Network Leaders
SuperAUD Initiative Team

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Deployment of [ITON] [ITO] and [IUT] Smart Contracts.

Development, Smart-Contract, Deployment

The MVG Network [MVG] swap to ITO Utility Token [IUT] was recently completed on-chain and supported by the Crex24 Exchange

Holders on the Crex24 exchange will not need to take any action to swap to [IUT]. Holders using their own wallet will only need to add the new contract specified on the ITO Network initiative hub.

All upgraded smart-contract technolog has been deployed:

ITO Network [ITON]

ITO Protocol [ITO]

ITO Utility Token [IUT]

The 21,200,000~ IUT locked team reserve has been swapped to the [ITON] and [ITO] contracts. 18,000,000 ITON has been locked until Feb 25 2022 in the [ITON] contract. 3.2~m has been reserved in [ITO] as the base supply. The ITO Utility Token includes all holders minus all team related reserves.

Interchanging has also been integrated into all smart contracts, allowing holders to instantaneously interchange [ITON], [ITO] and [IUT] via Metamask. Some conditions apply to the interchanging capabilities to ensure viability:
- Swaps from IUT to [ITO] or [ITON] are limited to 99,999 IUT per swap, the rate will be based on the supply ratio of the pair.
- Swapping directly between [ITO] and [ITON] is not possible, you will have to swap to [IUT] first then conduct another trade to ensure the 99,999 IUT limit is followed, this ensures the rate per trade is always accurate as it changes based on supply.
- Swaps from [ITO] to [IUT] or [ITON] to [IUT] have no limit.

The interchange function can be utilised on the IUT.Exchange platform which includes a very simple interface that will allow swaps via Metamask in the click of a button, an viable method for instant, decentralised swaps.

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Network-Wide Smart-Contract Upgrade Specifications

Development, Smart-Contract, Upgrade

ITO Network [ITON]
Valued by the speculation of the long-term direction & vision. Eventual competitor of [ICON]. This contract includes the locked team supply which is provably locked into the smart contract until February 25 2022 (3 year project anniversary). This contract will eventually become the vehicle to fuse all elements of the project into the proposed crowdfunding blockchain & ecosystem.

ITO Protocol [ITO]
Valued by the speculation of the Incentivised Token Offering technology. Eventual competitor of Ethereum ICOs.

The total supply expands and retracts as new ITOs are crowdfunded and tokenised respectively. Supplies are minted to match the expected tokenisation amount during Crowdfunding as they progress, then swapped to IUT at the time of tokenisation.

ITO Utility Token [IUT]
Valued by being the vehicle of the project and exponentially increases thanks to the synergy with [ITO]. There are no competitors as this concept is unique to our project, explained below.

Project Vehicle: [IUT]
- All ITOs offer and tokenised using [IUT]
- All swaps to and from ITO & ITON must run through [IUT]
- All development's will use [IUT] as it's tokenised vehicle, each new development attracts more necessity, power & value to the token.

[IUT] is also currently the main market and will most likely retain the most liquidity & volume as the project continues to grow.

[ITO] & [IUT] Synergy
The minted tokens from [ITO] that are swapped to [IUT] increases the total supply of IUT, therefore increasing the market cap. As we know tokenisation also causes selling on market, however the heavier the selling that occurs the higher the discount for buyers who understand the concept and the way that it grows. The lighter the selling, the higher market cap is retained from the newly minted tokens.

Selling of IUT will become lighter after each tokenisation as:
- More ITOs are Crowdfunding concurrently & tokenised successfully
- Participants begin to become fluent with the concept & how to use the contracts
- [IUT] based services & platforms outside of ITOs become available, ultimately enthusing participants to hold or use the token after each tokenisation rather than sell it.

Thank you for your cooperation while we work to scale our project for future exponential growth.

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SuperAUD ITO: Visionary crowdfunding underway!

Incentivised Token Offering, SuperAUD Initiative, Visionary Crowdfunding

A batch of minor improvements have been made to ITO Protocol v2.7 in preparation for the exclusive launch of the SuperAUD Initiatives Incentivised Token Offering to ITO Network Visionaries. Pledge, Network & Ledger areas have been upgraded as detailed in our previous improvement update, network and ledgers have been improved and in an effort to reduce transaction fees for participants, all accumulations must now be claimed from the personal ledger using the "Claim" functionality.

We are pleased to announce that the marketing strategy of the SuperAUD ITO is incomparable to previous ITOs, curtesy of the cooperation with our partners at SuperAUD. We are expecting a large amount of activity and a very successful ITO once public launch begins!

During the Visionary period, we will be completing the swap to the ITO Utility Token & preparing the SuperAUD x ITO Network concept video for release during public crowdfunding.

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SuperAUD ITO: Upcoming ITO Deployment

Incentivised Token Offering, SuperAUD Initiative, Upcoming

We have improved the crowdfunding model in preparation of the SuperAUD Initiative’s Incentivised Token Offering, this will push us back approximately one week on our timelines, but will in turn give participants a great increase in control and flexibility when using future ITOs. Some notable improvements include:

Support Levels & Reward Tiers
The support level is used by the participant to indicate the confidence in the ITO when making a pledge, the support level determines the available reward tiers for the pledge. The reward tier is effectively higher when a stronger support level is chosen.

Ledger useability improvement.
The ledgers have undergone a revamp to increase simplicity and useability for participants. Options within the personal pledge ledger is one of the most notable changes:
1. Claim – Claim available rewards once the minimum amount of rewards have been accumulated.
2. Tokenise – Tokenise the pledge at the current ITO Utility Token [IUT] Market Rate.
3. Duplicate – Create a new pledge with the same configuration as the selected pledge.

Network Upgrade
Network rewards are now determined based on the connections pledge type. If the pledge is tokenised, a 4.2% reward is credited in the form of ITO Utility Tokens [IUT]. If the pledge is not tokenised, a 2.1% reward credited in the form of Bitcoin [BTC]. All network rewards are instantly available to claim after the confirmation of the connections pledge. Transaction history and connection details have also been improved.

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Network-wide Smart-Contract Upgrade

Development, Smart-Contract, Upgrade

A transition from the MVG Network to the ITO Network is currently underway to accommodate the necessary restructuring of our concept branding and technology. All information from MVG.Dev and MVG.Network will be merged into the new ITO.Network initiative hub which will feature a brand new look and a bountiful release of valuable new information. The most important change is the division of the MVG Network Token into three ITO Network tokens representing the initiative, protocol and utility token:

1. ITO Network [ITON]
ITON is the overall project value indicator of the ITO Network crowdfunding community and all of its developments. Currently, ITON holders are able to instantly enter and exit the token by swapping to and from the ITO Utility Token based on the circulating supply. In the near future, [ITON] can be used by holders to speculate the value of the ITO Network’s blockchain initiative and completed developments on supported cryptocurrency exchanges.

2. ITO Protocol [ITO]
The ITO smart-contract is planned to periodically burn/mint the amount of tokens reserved for each ITOs tokenisation during the crowdfunding stage. At the time of tokenisation, the reserved [ITO] is swapped to [IUT], resulting in a time-stamped record of the ITO’s crowdfunding and tokenisation on the Ethereum blockchain. ITO Protocol v4.0 will feature real-time minting and burning of tokenisation reserves for each ITO and n the near future, [ITO] will be able to be used to speculate the value of the Incentivised Token Offering (ITO) Protocol on supported cryptocurrency exchanges.

3. ITO Utility Token [IUT]
The IUT smart-contract is used to tokenise each Incentivised Token Offering deployment once the 58% reward cap has been reached. Once the reward cap has been reached, the IUT smart-contract autonomously tokenises the remainder of rewards to [IUT] and distributes them to the participants which can then be sold, stored, or exchanged for ITO Network privileges. The use-cases of IUT continue to grow as the ITO Network continues to develop new technology that require a tokenised instrument. The MVG Network Token will be swapped to the ITO Utility Token on the Crex24 exchange automatically.

Following the completion of the transition to the ITO Network, our focus will remain growing the network with new ITOs, achieving the 210 satoshi 2020 price target and completing ITO Protocol v3. Main-net is still presumably some time away, though we hope these details help with the understanding of the direction the network is headed.

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Optimus ITO: Tokenisation

Incentivised Token Offering, Optimus (ITO Protocol v2.7), Tokenisation

The Optimus ITO has reached the rewards cap of 58%, signalling the beginning of tokenisation for the Optimus ITO. Visit Profile > Settings and download your keystore file. You can import this file to to access your tokens. The file is encrypted with your original account password.

Following the completion of the tokenisation, three new ITOs will begin development and are expected to all release during March. While these ITOs are in development, we will be making efforts to again improve the token. We are already planning the final transition which will allow us to integrate the token into any ITO seamlessly in the future, and will greatly improve branding. More information about this transition will come in the following week.

While we are finalising the tokenisation process, we will begin detailing the way forward for both visionary members and the public within the communities.

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Optimus ITO: Crowdfunding Progress

Incentivised Token Offering, Optimus (ITO Protocol v2.7), Crowdfunding Progress

The Optimus ITO has recently concluded VIP crowdfunding to begin the public crowdfunding phase. Current crowfunding performance is detailed below:
- VIP Crowdfunding Opening: 15 Jan, 2020
- Public Crowdfunding Opening: 15 Feb 2020
- Participants: 251
- Pledges: 7.59 BTC
- Rewards: 3.50 BTC
- Rewards Cap: 46%/58%
- Remaining Rewards: 0.9 BTC (3.50 BTC / 4.40 BTC)
- Cryptocurrency Raised: 3.18 BTC

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Optimus ITO: Public crowdfunding underway!

Incentivised Token Offering, Optimus (ITO Protocol v2.7), Public Crowdfunding

ITO v2.7 is now open to the public! Welcome to the next-generation of the Incentivised Token Offering (ITO) Protocol, Optimus (v2.7). Participants are now able to make a pledge or connect new participants to accumulate rewards for supporting the Optimus ITO.

Initiatives utilizing the ITO Protocol are able to provide fair and liquid crowdfunding opportunities to cryptocurrency contributors while simultaneously benefiting from zero-effect on the enterprises' native tokenomics, allowing for smarter and smoother entry into the rapidly developing blockchain industry. Distributing tokens via ITOs allow for unchanged tokenomic allocations for initiatives as well as a permanently secured pool of capital for proposed developments.

This crowdfunding breakthrough is made possible by offering the ITO Utility Token [IUT] tokenisation instrument in place of the initiatives’ native token, which is in turn beneficial for participants who rightfully demand instant liquidity for their pledges following the ITO.

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Optimus ITO: Visionary crowdfunding underway!

Incentivised Token Offering, Optimus (ITO Protocol v2.7), Visionary Crowdfunding

The next-generation of the Incentivised Token Offering (ITO) Protocol is on the way! ITO Protocol v2.7 will be integrated into the Optimus ITO at the time of public crowdfunding opening.

As of this article, the Optimus ITO is exclusively available to visionary holders. For visionary holders, a new update batch has been deployed:

- Optimus ITO promotional banners are available in English
- ITO language support for Russian, Chinese, German, Turkish, Spanish, Italian & Japanese will be available during public crowdfunding period.
- Marketing will begin during public release with our partnered blogs to attract new initiative supporters.

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Optimus ITO: Upcoming ITO Deplyoment

Incentivised Token Offering, Optimus (ITO Protocol v2.7), Upcoming

Firstly, the ITO Network team would like to thank you greatly for your ongoing patience and cooperation over the last 6 months. We have been working hard to ensure that we present a perfect product to you and the public, that allows everyone to mutually benefit from Crowdfunding the continuation of the development of our much larger plan to create the first wealth creating blockchain that is truly beneficial for all. The feet we have vowed to undertake is one that no other project has achieved in the past, not even Bitcoin will be able to compare to our blockchain once it has been completed and deployed to the public. It is a long and tough journey, but we will never stop as we know that the grand result will truly be one for books of cryptocurrency history.

While we are still transitioning from out of our phase of infancy, we have surpassed our most challenging leap being the rebranding of our network in a way that is considered genuine and legitimate to the public. As we are sure you have all noticed, the way in which we are presenting our project has changed for the better. We are no longer attracting investors to a high return investment platform but rather to crowdfunding technology that incentivises participation, otherwise known as the Incentivised Token Offering! Investors are now contributors, and interest or returns are now incentives or rewards granted for participation. The reason for this change is simply to accurately reflect the way our technology works. We are no longer trading with capital nor are we allocating it into avenues aimed toward making profit, but rather allocation toward further growing the network of holders which ultimately increases the value of our technology, network and token.

Optimus will become the final form of our first two technology releases (acceptus & profectus) before we endeavor to completely refine the technology for ITO Protocol V3.0. Following our exclusive release to VIPs, a brand-new look is coming to finish off this phase of development and ultimately will aim to attract as many contributions as possible dedicated purely toward increasing our market cap and token liquidity.

A phase timeline is provided below for supporters to gain an idea of the rough structure of Incentivised Token Offering momentum:

Phase 1: Visionary Crowdfunding (Underway!)
- Complete functionality using the classic ITO look
- Exclusive information and plan disclosure to our most valued network members
- No marketing & zero public access

Phase 2: Public Crowdfunding
- Beta functionality with a brand-new look to finalise the transition to the ITO concept
- Marketing only to our existing communities & social channels
- Foreign language support added & beginning of introduction to foreign sectors

Phase 3: Tokenisation
- Once 58% of the rewards have been distributed back to participants, remaining rewards will be tokenised to the ITO Utility Token [IUT]. Tokenisation in this release is completely automated and at a fixed rate.

News regarding the deployment of the Optimus ITO will be announced over the next few weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to continue supporting the ITO Network initiative, we look forward to making this ITO another one of our successes!

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Attention all ITO Network Visionaries!

ITO Network, Visionary Community

In less than 24 hours, ITO Network Visionary holders will gain exclusive access to ITO Protocol v2.7: Optimus. The Interim ITO utilises the the stable core functionality, a solidified marketing strategy from V1 & V2 and the introduction of a concept design for future ITOs.

Who is considered a Visionary holder?
Visionaries are ITO Utility Token [IUT] holders who have verified holdings of at least 150,000 IUT. Holders must verify holdings by signing a message from an ERC-20 wallet containing the minimum IUT holdings in order to receive an invitation to the ITO Network Visionary Group.

What benefits do visionaries receive?
Visionaries enjoy access to ITOs before the public, the latest network news before the public community, and informed discussion with network leaders, contributors and fellow visionaries.

To learn more about signing a message to become a Visionary, contact @itonrodger on telegram.

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Happy new year from the ITO Network

ITO Network, Happy New Year

The ITO Network wishes all of its supporting community a very happy new year. We have high apspirations for the network this year and look forward to making sharing the next leap towards decentralised crowdfunding.

Let’s make 2020 a year to remember!

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